Wednesday, April 3, 2013

fireplace saga

As we saw it back in 2008, just before taking possession of the property.
Acceptable, but not functioning.

 After a long fight over what to do about the fireplace, we have decided to fix it. Which ment rebuilding the chimney on top of 26 F high roof, lining and insulating whole length of it, placing the insert in and finding some wood to burn. Than we ran out of steam. So the working fireplace, that we LOVE, stays completely unfinished...for couple of years...

 Until the new insurance company demands safety inspection and certificate, by the mid next week! Ouch.
Time to finish the job up. Mantel is stripped of paint, sanded, the chimney is framed, getting dry-walled as we speak...And as I am known master of last minute miracles, you just watch. It will happen. Almost there.

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