Tuesday, September 27, 2011

14th Annual Tweed and Area Studio Tour

The only time of the year my home and studio is open to the public.
In the area? Stop by!

October 1-2
10AM - 5PM
Studio #14
229 Colborne street, Tweed

22 participating studios
35 artists
beautiful countryside

please follow the link for more info.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Friday, September 23, 2011

I got mail !

Very old kitchen curtains, all the way from Paris.
Girl needs a treat now and then.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Yep. That time of a year. Love wood. It means we are going to be warm this winter, yay!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

And it is back to the renos...

Tweed and Area Studio Tour is next and OMG we have no front door, or a hallway!
I feel like I am made out of sheet rock 90. Unfortunately. Back to work.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Third time the charm.

Just shipped my last custom order out. The Octopus bead.
Finally NO cracks on the bead, and silver work turned out well.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Cabbage rocks again!

Thank you everyone for coming out.
We had a great show. I even scored a couple of trades and an old office chair at the yard sale.
I *LOVE* Cabbagetown !
My favorite of the outdoor season, for sure.
My friend and Neighbor at the show, Deborah Freeman made the small bowl and Karie Andre made the cake platter. How pretty!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Heading out to The CabbageTown

Cabbagetown Arts and Crafts Show and Sale

Friday, September 9, 1.00 - 6.00 p.m.
Saturday, September 10, 10.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.
Sunday, September 11, 10.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Out of This World

Stumbled across this little shop on Saint Marco Square in Venice this spring and could not wrap my head around these. It was love at first sight. And no, not a costume jewelry,
I kid you not.
Turkish designer Sevan Bicakci .