Wednesday, March 17, 2010


This actually happened before the winter show, but now I am about to load the kiln again with approximate same amount of work, what a hunting memorey! I still wish I had those beads.
In the anticipation of the coming show...I have to post these before i toss them out. The ramping up kiln runaway on me while batch annealing one hundred and seventy(!) fifteen dollar beads (ten days of work lost). I sure hope I`ll do better this time...


  1. ERGH!!! So sorry that you lost so much work :-(. Is your kiln a digital one? Was the kiln malfunctioning?

    Must be a bit scary to reload the kiln, knowing what happened to the previous batch. Good luck!

  2. Thanks,
    the kiln is manual,i usually just set up alarm,but i felt asleep and did not hear it...

  3. Ah, I see. Thanks for the update! I can imagine that awful sinking feeling in your tummy when you realized what happened :-(. But it looks like you recovered with a vengeance, the Etsy beadies you listed today are awesome! The berries look mouth-watering delish, and the hedgies and mushrooms sure are sweet!

  4. thanks again (-:
    i know,at least i did not burn the house down...
    gotta run make more beads tho!